Study of land deeds around Christopher Norton land in Fluvanna, VA

The two landholders that most effected Christopher Norton in Fluvanna were Robert Adams and Nicholas Meriwether. Both got huge grants from Governor Gooch in Albemarle and Fluvanna. Robert Adams probably held that land that the Norton plantation was on.

1763 - David Norton is born in Fluvanna from his Revolutionary War Document.

1777 - Fluvanna county created from Albemarle. Christopher Norton land is mentioned in land deed. "George Haggard to Abner Barnard. The land sold is on the south side of Mechuck Creek and the land is bounded by Norton's line."

1782 - Christopher Norton received a Land Office Treasury Warrant from Patrick Henry, the Gov. of the Commonwealth on September 10, 1782. This land is the same plantation that the Nortons has been working since at least 1777 and probably earlier.

1788 - Mary Norton sells land to John Furbush in September 1788.

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Robert Adams

Robert Adams (James, Robert³, William², Robert¹) was born 09 May 1757 in St. James, Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia. He was the son of James and Cecily Adams.

Goochland County was the first county created from the original eight shires of Virginia Colony. It was divided into parishes. St. James Northam had formed in 1744. The county stretched to the Blue Ridge Mountains along both sides of the James River and encompassed other later formed counties including Albemarle and Fluvanna.

When Robert Adams was 19 years old he enlisted, at Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia in the 7th Virginia Regiment. His enlistment is dated February 1776. Robert served in Captain Matthew Jewett’s company under Colonel McGlenahan. He saw American defeat at the Battle of Germantown October 7, 1777. It is said that the Americans suffered 152 losses, 521 wounded, and over 400 captured during this historical battle. Adams was discharged the middle of February 1778 at Valley Forge just as the soldiers, who were camped there, were finally being furnished huts to live in with fireplaces to help keep them warm.

Upon his return to Virginia Robert married Lucy Williams at St. James, Northam, Goochland County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Phillip Williams. The marriage bond dated 20 April 1778 was signed by John Graves who stated that Robert was the son of "James of Albemarle County." Lucy’s father , William, also gave permission for his daughter to wed.

Fluvanna County, Virginia was formed in 1777 from Albemarle. After their marriage the family resided in what was a portion of the newly formed Fluvanna. A family register handed down by descendants through Solomon Adam’s family states that Solomon was born 4 May 1778 but subsequent records give varied ages for this first child of Robert and Lucy. A son Richard was born circa 1780 followed by Elizabeth in 1782.

Robert remained active with military duty first as an Ensign and then by court recommendation to the Governor of Virginia he become 1st Lt. In the county Militia under Captain William Adams. Besides his military duties he, along with brother Thomas, became executors of their father James estate in 1789. And in September 1793 Robert was recommended as Captain of the 1st Battalion Militia of Fluvanna county. At the same time brother Richard was Lt., brother John ensign and Thomas Captain.

Robert and his wife Lucy were involved in many land transactions between 1795 and 1802. About 1817 the family moved to newly formed Lawrence County, Ohio where he immediately became active in the community by being appointed as Clerk of Elections. The new counties first election was held April 7th, 1817.

In 1819 Robert Adams filed for a military pension in Lawrence County. He gave his age as 62 years old stating that within his household was his wife [Lucy] and a granddaughter 11 years old [not named]. Continued documentation on August 9, 1820 stated that he is then 64 years old with no income, 4 small shouts, 1 plough, 2 old split bottom chairs, 1 iron pot broken, and 1 set of knives and forks bought with pension money. He concluded by saying that his infirmities were such as to prevent ½ days labor. His pension was granted. Robert lived 19 more years dying 14 March 1839 in Lawrence County, Ohio at the age of 82.

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Thomas and his father Peter Jefferson.

"Col. Jefferson was a man of gigantic stature and strength. He could simultaneously 'head up (raise from their sides) two hogsheads of tobacco, weighing each nearly a thousand pounds He once directed three able-bodied slaves to pull down a ruined shed by means of a rope. After they had failed in the attempt, he seized the rope and dragged the structure down in an instant. Traditions have come down of his continuing his lines as a surveyor through savage wildernesses, after his assistants had given out through famine and fatigue; subsisting on the raw flesh of game, and even of his own carrying mules; sleeping in a hollow tree amidst howling beasts of prey and thus undauntedly pushing on until his task was accomplished." [Randall's Life of Jefferson]

He was a distinguished surveyor, and was engaged in a number of important expeditions. Politically also he was prominent, having served as sheriff and magistrate in Goochiand, and having represented Albemarle in the House of Burgesses. He was also Lieutenant of the County.

After the death of Col. Jefferson in 1757, the family continued at Shadwell until its destruction by fire in 1770. Thomas Jefferson was unfortunately absent from home at the time, and his father s library and papers were a total loss. Mr. Jefferson used to relate that the slave who was despatched to inform him of this misfortune, haying detailed the general destruction, concluded with genuine thankfulness: "But, Marster, we saved the fiddle."

Nicholas Meriwether
The progenitor of the Meriwethers was Nicholas, an emigrant from Wales, who died in
1678. He had three sons, Francis, Nicholas Jr. and David. Southwest Mountain followed Mildred the young widow of Nicholas III, and became, upon her marriage to Dr. Walker, the Castle Hill estate. This in turn was subdivided many times, Cismont, Castalia, Music Hall, Belvoir,12 Kinloch, Merrie Mill, Keswick,13 Edgeworth, Cobham Park, The Creek and Machunk 14 being some of the resulting plantations.

Francis, who married Mary Bathurst, andfrom whom descended
Governor George W. Smith, who perished in the burning of the Richmond theatre in 1811,
David and Nicholas.

Nicholas Jr. was the large landholder. Besidesobtaining grants of extensive tracts in several of the counties of eastern Virginia,he entered in one body seventeen thousand, nine hundred and fifty-two acres on the eastside of the South West Mountain in Albemarle.


  • David MERIWETHER was born on 5 Aug 1726 in Louisa County, VA.
  • James MERIWETHER was born on 1 Jun 1729 in Louisa County, VA. He died in 1792.
  • Nicholas MERIWETHER was born on 11 Dec 1719 in Louisa County, VA. He died on 3 May 1758.
  • Sarah MERIWETHER was born on 12 Feb 1724 in Louisa County, VA. She died on 5 Sep 1725 in Louisa County, VA.
  • William MERIWETHER was born on 25 Dec 1730 in Louisa County, VA. He died on 24 Dec 1790.
  • Francis MERIWETHER was born in 1717 in James City County, Virginia. He died in 1793 in Greenwood County, SC.

David MERIWETHER was born in 1690 in New Kent County, VA. He died on 5 Dec 1744. He married Ann HOLMES. Ann HOLMES was born in 1692 in King and Queen Co., VA. She died on 11 Mar 1736. She married David MERIWETHER.

They had the following children:

  • Thomas MERIWETHER was born in 1715. Through David Meriwether, another son of old Nicholas, the plantation of Clover Fields is traced. The first dwelling here was built in 1760 by Col. Clovei Nicholas Meriwether, great grandson of the origi- Fields nal owner. This Nicholas was noted for his courage and decision in times of danger. In 1755 he was one of four soldiers belonging to the Virginia Regiment who bore the wounded General Braddock the field after his defeat near Pittsburg. (Col. Meriwether later received from the General s sister in Ireland a gold-laced, embroidered military dress coat, which had belonged to the General, and which was long preserved as a relic in the Meniwether family.) Thomas Meriwether of Clover Fields, who was married to Washington's cousin, was British in his sympathies and considered a Torie.
  • Ann MERIWETHER was born on 11 Nov 1721 in Louisa County, VA. She died before 1792 in Louisa County, VA.
Perhaps the largest owner of Albemarle land was Nicholas Meriwether. In addition to large estates in the lower country, he took out successive grants amounting to nineteen thousand acres in Albemarle. In 1735 he was granted 1020 acres west of the Rivanna, and lying along the stream, from Moore s Creek to Meadow Creek.

For this he paid to George II the sum of "twentyone pounds good and lawful money." (The Colonial pound was not the pound sterling, and amounted only to $3.33 1/3.) He also was required to pay to the Crown, for each fifty acres, a fee rent of one shilling yearly, to be rendered upon the feast of Saint Michael the Arch Angel, it being distinctly stated that he was not required to render Knight s Service.

On this tract Meriwether built the Old House at The Farm, where he lived until his death in 1744. The location of this first building is not known, but it was probably near the spring, and opposite the hill which bears the present dwelling. This was the first plantation west of the river, and its name is believed to have originated from the fact that as the surrounding territory was still virgin forest, the cleared spot was a conspicuous landmark.

The Nicholas Meriwether grant was soon partitioned. As early as 1739 a large portion east of the
His brother, 'Wilson Cary Nicholas, was U. S. Senator and Governor of Virginia. The Governor s speculations and disastrous failure involved many of his Albemarle friends, including Mr. Jefferson.

John Bybee

Indications are that the family worked up the James River from Jamestown. However, since the Bybee name is recorded Bybe, Bibe, Byby, Biby, Bibby, and Bibbey, the State Historian of the D.A.R. in Virginia is of the opinion that its original form was Barbee. The Barbees were early residents of Christ's Church Parish, Middlesex County, VA.

In the Eighth Annual Report of the Virginia State Library Board, seven Bybee men, namely, John, Joseph, Pleasant, Edward, Samuel, Thomas and Cornelius are credited with Revolutionary War service.

"Heads of Families of Fluvanna County, Va. 1782":
John Bibee, with five white members in his household.
David Bibee, with eleven white members in household.

From the first census of Kentucky, 1790:
David Bybee, Fayette County, tax list date 1/11/1790
James Bybee, Fayette County, tax list date 1/11/1790

From the second census of Kentucky, 1800:
Allen Bybee, Barren County
David Bybee, Clark County
James Bybee, Clark county
John Bybee, Barren County
John Bybee, Breckinridge County
Neil Bybee, Clark County
Nele McCann Bybee, Barren County
William Bybee, Clark County

John Bybee Sr.was born on 5 Jan 1706 in , Goochland, Virginia. He died in 1758 in , Fluvanna, Virginia. He married Sarah Judith Jane Giles in 1732 in , , Virginia. Sarah Judith Jane Giles was born about 1711 in , Fluvanna, Virginia. She married John Bybee in 1732 in , , Virginia. John married Sarah ((Giles)), who was living in 1737 and appears to have been the mother of John, Jr. Before 1744, John, Sr., was married again to Jane or Jean Giles, who was the mother of Thomas, born March 24, 1760, and apparently of Cornelius, born 1763.

They had the following children:

1- David 1735
John Bybee Jr. was born in 1739 in , Fluvanna, Virginia. He died in April 14, 1821 in , Barren, Kentucky. He married Elizabeth (Betsy) McCann in 1763 in Fluvanna, , Virginia. Elizabeth (Betsy) McCann was born about 1739 in , Fluvanna, Virginia. She married John Bybee in 1763 in Fluvanna, , Virginia.

    They had the following children:

    • Allen BYBEE, born Abt. 1761 in Fluvanna Co., VA; married Sarah LIKENS March 13, 1786.
    • Elizabeth "Betsy" BYBEE, born 1763 in Fluvanna Co., VA; married John KELLY KELLEY February 10, 1781.
    • Charity Delilah BYBEE, born 1766 in Fluvanna Co., VA; died 1823 in Clarksburg, Cooper Co., MO; married David ALLEE December 24, 1784 in Franklin Co., VA; born April 25, 1762 in Pittsylvania, Henrico Co., VA; died January 1835 in Clarksburg, Cooper Co., MO.
    • Mary "Polly" BYBEE, born Abt. 1770 in Fluvanna Co., VA.
    • John BYBEE, born 1770 in Fluvanna Co., VA; died May 21, 1819 in Barren, KY; married Elizabeth KELLY May 06, 1791 in Fluvanna Co., VA; born 1770 in Fluvanna Co., VA.
    • Neal McCann BYBEE, born 1771 in Fluvanna Co., VA; married Mary EVANS September 17, 1792 in Franklin Co., Virginia.
    • Ann Nancy BYBEE, born 1774 in Fluvanna Co., VA; died Aft. 1846 in Hickory Co., MO; married Joseph DENNIS December 22, 1792 in Botetourt Co., VA.
    • Sherrod William BYBEE, born 1778 in Fluvanna Co., VA; died August 28, 1862 in Warren Co., TN; married Jemimah MCKEE MACKEY February 26, 1803 in Barren Co., KY.
    • Lee Allen Buford BYBEE, born November 14, 1780 in Fluvanna Co., VA; died January 28, 1852 in Ogden, Weber Co., UT; married Jerusha Jane ATKINSON ATIKERSON July 04, 1801 in Green Co., KY; born July 02, 1782.
    • Susan BYBEE, born 1781; died 1830; married William ALLEE November 10, 1802 in Franklin Co., VA; born Abt. 1780; died Abt. 1825 in Barren Co., KY.

3- William 1741
Samuel 1743
5- Edward 1746
6- Joseph 1747
7- Pleasant 1758
8- Thomas, born March 24, 1760
9- Jean 1762
10- Cornelius (Neilly) Bybee, ((Son of John Bybee, Sr.)) also a revolutionary soldier was born in Fluvanna County, Virginia, 1763.

Cornelius (Neilly) Bybee answered the call when a mere stripling of seventeen. He served continuously from April 1780 until the end of the war, eighteen months in all, under Colonels Posey and Gaskins. The lad was awarded a medal for bravery. ((In other writings it is mentioned that he was present at Cornwallis' surrender to George Washington.)) Just how he was connected with Washington I have been unable to determine, but it is certain that he was close to the Father of his Country. Since he was a private in the train of Wagon Master John B. Carter he must have been an orderly and, literally, a camp assistant (aide-de-campe).

Pension Application
State of Kentucky Revolutionary Claims
Clarke Circuit Court

For the purpose of obtaining the benefit of the act of Congress entitled "An Act Supplementary to an Act for the relief of certain Surviving Officers and Soldiers of the Army of the Revolution" approved on the 7th day of June 1832, I Neilly Bybee of the County of Clarke in the state of Kentucky aged 69 years, do hereby declare,

that I enlisted in the service of the Army of the Revolution for the term of eighteen months under Capt Lovely of the (Virginia) Continental line in the Regiment commanded by Col Gaskins, in the month of April as well as I can recollect in the year 1781

that shortly after my said enlistment I was transferred by order of the Col. to the waggon department under Waggon Master John B. Carter, that at the time of my said enlistment I resided in the County of Fluvanna in the said state of Virginia, that I joined the Army at the Barracks near the point forks of James River in the Spring 1781,

and was discharged honorably from service by my Captain at Santee in South Carolina with directions to get my discharge from Gen. Chas. Scott upon my return which written discharge I obtained from Gen Scott in the year 1783, the Captain having given me a certificate in the year 1782 at Santee where I was left sick, and when I recovered and applied to said Scott at his residence in Cumberland County Virginia, he gave me a written discharge in said year of 1783 which discharge I left with my Sister in said County of Fluvanna (who has since died) in the year 1783 and supposes that the same has been lost.

I left the State of Virginia in the year 1785 or 1786 and came to the state of Kentucky and remained in said last named state about one year when I returned to the State of Virginia where I remained until the year 1792 when I removed to said State of Kentucky and have resided in the County of Clarke in said State ever since tho' it was within the boundary of Fayette County at the time.

I first came and The Army in which I served Marched first from Point fork on James River Fluvanna County up in the forks of the River near Lynchburg [called Lynchburg, Lynch’s Ferry, or Lynch’s, interchangeably], and then returned back to the Barracks at Point Forks, and next marched across to Staunton River at Coles Ferry, and marched back and crossed James River at Carters Ferry from thence to Richmond and from Richmond to Bottom's old Fields, from thence across the Wilderness Bridge above Fredericksburg, from thence back to Bottoms fields,

at Bottoms old Fields Capt. Kilpatrick [Kirkpatrick] of the same Regiment was shot in the eye by a soldier of the name of Grant, for which offence said Grant was hung.-

From Bottoms old Field we marched across Dismal Swamp to Cabin or Stony Point on James River, from thence to York where we remained until Cornwallis was taken in the Fall 1781, from thence marched up to Cumberland Old Courthouse where we staid thro' the Winter,

and in the Spring 1782 we marched to South Carolina near the Savanna River where we staid until the Fall of the year where I was left sick and received a certificate of my having fulfilled my engagement from Capt. (name not recollected) which I produced to Gen. Scott in 1783 & received my discharge as first stated.-

that Col. Posey Commanded the Regiment in which I marched to South Carolina - that I served the full term of eighteen months agreeable to the terms of my enlistment - and I do hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and declare that my name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.

Given under my hand and seal this 25th day of July 1832,
Att his -Samuell Taylor Neilly X Bybee -mark

About 1784, Cornelius Bybee and Mary Lee Norman were married in Culpepper County, Virginia. Soon after their marriage, they went to Kentucky where they lived in Clark County until the death of Mary, between 1818 and 1833. Neilly received his pension in 1832 and in 1833 sold his farm and joined his sons in Missouri. He married Mildred Wright in 1837. In 1841, years after the wife of his youth was laid to rest in Clark County, he died and was buried in the South Fork Cemetery near Santa Fe, Missouri.


The first Bybee of which I have a record died in 1730. Thomas Bybee lived in St. James Parish, Goochland County. In his will, made November 15, 1729, he mentions his wife, Elizabeth, and children, John, Elizabeth (married John Webb), Thomas and Judith. Thomas was a member of the House of Delegates, October, 1778.

From a Roll of Pensioners of the Revolutionary War: Barren County, KY:
James Bibb, private and sergeant
July 15, 1833; March 4, 1832, $73.38. Age 80.

From Revolutionary Pensioners Living in the County in 1840:
James Bibb, age 87

From a list of officers of The Virginia Line of the Revolutionary Army:
Samuel Bibbe

From a Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution:
Edward Bybee
Cornelius Bybee, Inf., of Fluvanna
Joseph Bybee, Pvt.
Neilly Bybee, Mo. Pensioner
Pleasant Bybee (Bybie), Fluvanna, Pensioner
Samuel Bybee, Inf.
Thomas Bybee
Pleasant Bybee
Samuel Bybie, of Amherst
Edward Byby, Navy

DEED - BYBEE, John - Deed dated May 11, 1751, from JOHN BYBEE and wife, JANE BYBEE to DANIEL KING of Hanover County, Virginia, conveying 407 acres on Ballenger Creek, and being part of the land whereon JOHN BYBEE lives and patented on May 14, 1751, for 70 pounds.

Deed Book 1, page 314, Albemarle County, Virginia.

Giles ALLEGREE - Born: 28 APR 1735 VA Marr: Janet BOYD (possible connection to Boyd's Tavern) Father Giles Alleggree d. 1776 Albemarle, VA Mother: Elixabeth Merriott. Giles Sr and Jr were prominent land owners in Northwestern Fluvanna. giles used Christopher Norton to witness a land deed in 1779. "page 222. The deed, dated July 12, 1779, is from Giles Allegre to Drummond Smithson. The land is on Horsepen Ck. Christopher Norton is listed as a Witness with John Glaspy."

Born: 16 SEP 1718 at: Louisa Co, VA
Married: OCT 1736 at: Louisa or Albemarle Co, VA
Died: 1808 at: Albemarle Co, VA or Campbell Co, KY
Other Spouses:

Born: 1715 at: or Oct 1716 or 1714, Louisa Co, VA
Died: at:
Other Spouses:


Born: 15 JUN 1738 at: Albemarle, Floyd or Louisa Co, Camp Crk VA
Married: at:
Died: AFT 1789 at: