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Robert Norden, Rev 
... unknown Norden
... ...Christopher Norton .17148 England
... ... 1st wife Anne unknown
... ... ... John Norton b. 1738 New Kent, VA
... ... .... Mary unknown
... ... ... ... children:
... ... ... ... Sarah Norton b.1758
... ... ... ... John Norton b. 1759
... ... ... ... James Norton b. 1761
... ... ... ... unknown Norton b. abt 1762
... ... ... ... .David Norton b. 1763 Fluvanna, VA
... ... ... ... .Thomas Norton b. 1765
... ... ... ... .Elizabeth Norton b.1769, VA
... ... ... ... .Milly Norton b.1774 Fluvanna, VA

... ...Christopher Norton .17148 England
... ... 2nd wife Mary Emmerson b.1735 VA
... ... ... Thomas Norton b1753 Goochand, VA
... ... ... William Norton b1754 Goochland, VA
... ... ... Martha Norton b1756 Goochland, VA

Sarah Norton b. 1757

Married: William Farney 19 Nov 1775 in Orange, VA (18 years old)
John Farney b. abt 1781 Rockingham, VA
Married: Adam Baker March 5, 1792 in Bourbon, KY



Sarah Norton born
Date is calculated from position in family, marriage date and other siblings birth dates.

November 19

Sarah Norton married William Farney
19 Nov 1775 in Orange, VA (18 years old)
(Sarah's name is transcribed as Morton in Printed Index)

William Farney is really Fearneyhough and the Fearneyhough land is located just 2 miles from Nortonsville over the border in present day Green county. (Orange county included Green county in 1774).


John Farney born
date is calculated from position in family, marriage date.

November 26

William Farney dies at Yorktown?
Novermber 26 the court named John Norton (Sarah's brother) executor of William Farney's estate with a £30,000 bond. This was not in pounds of tobacco, but sterling and indicates that William Farney was very wealthy. Only one other Farney has been traced in Rockingham so far.

John Norton, Sarah's brother, signed as bond for William Farney's estate. He signed with an X.

The date of November 26, 1781 is just fvie weeks after the fall of Yorktown. This is significant because we know that John and James were at Yorktown. Perhaps, William Farney died there.

March 25
1782, March 25, the Farney estate is settled and recorded.
1784 Sarah Norton Farney moves with the Norton family to Bourbon, KY..
March 28
1785, March 28, The Rockingham court named John Norton, Sarah's brother, as guardian of her child John Farney.
August 26
1789, August 26, Harris vs Norton &c. Canc. Oh hearing bill answer it is decreed by the court that the said Norton, guardian &c do deliver possession of the tract of land in the bill mentioned to the Comp't and that the said Farney Inf't do at the age of twenty one years make sufficient deeds of conveyance in fee simple to the said Comp. and that the Def't Norton do pay the costs of this suit out of the estate of the intestate Farney in his hands to be administered.
March 5

Sarah marries Adam Baker in Bourbon, KY. Sarah is 35.

March 5, 1792 to Adam Baker in Bourbon, KY. James Norton signs the wedding bonds and mentions that she is his sister. James signs with and X. John Farney would be about 12 by this time.


A girl born to Sarah and Adam Baker.

From the 1810 and 1820 census.


Sarah and Adam Baker move to Cumberland KY where Adam Baker seems to die before 1810. Sarah has at least one more girl.

1810 census Cumberland, KY
Sarah Norton 45+
1 girl
listed between James and Thomas Baker

1820 census Cumberland, KY
1 girl 26-45
James Baker 4 above. Thomas Baker 6 pages away.

nothing on 1830 census

1850 census
thomas Baker b.1808 KY

1829 Sarah Norton Baker dies before 1830 census.