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Nortons Emigrating to Virginia from York
find the relationship to York, England here

Mary Norton
m. William Jennings
(Mary's brother Capt John Norton married her husbands sister.
Emigrated to Colony of Virginia. There were 3 Jennings brothers all living in Surry, VA
Philip Norton
Was transported to Lancaster Co, Virginia by Abya Bonyson 11/27/1661 (Nugent p 396)
Thomas Norton
transported to Lancaster, Virginia by John Harris 1/11/1661 (Nugent p 396)
John Norton
(spelled Nurton) transported to Lancaster, Virginia 8/20/1655 (Nugent p 313)
Thomas Norton
m. Elizabeth Hall
He was transported to James Cittie County, Virginia by Thomas Bourne 12/20/1649 (Nugent, p187)
Henry Norton
m. Elizabeth
He was transported to Westmorland Co, Virginia 9/10/1654 (his name spelled Nurton) His wife transported 7/15/1657 by John Raven (Nugent, p.315, 351)
Robert Norton
He was transported to Westmorland Co, Virginia 2/10/1657 He moved to Rappahannock Co 6/5/1658 (Nugent p. 390, 359)
Christopher Norton
m. Sarah
He was transported to Nansimond, Virginia 4/24/1648
James Norton
m. Sarah
He came to Virginia in 1648 and removed to Northampton, Virginia Transported 10/2/1664 by Capt John Savadge (Nugent, p.525)
William Norton
Transported to Charles River Co,, Virginia 5/23/1637 by William Prior (Nugent p. 58)
Capt John Norton
b. 1613 York
d. 1678 Nansimond, VA
m. Anne Jennings
Virginia 1635 (Hotten p79 Norton is spelled Northin) age 22 transported to Virginia in the "Plain Jane" on May 15, 1635, Capt Richard Buckham He owned land in Nansimond, James Cittie, Northampton, and York. He made his home in York, VA
Dorothy Norton
m. ? King
Removed to Colony of Virginia
Hanna Norton
m. Matthew Jennings
Removed to Colony of Virginia